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Asansol Blessings Foundation Organisation was formed to provide service to people suffering from the disease of substance abuse (drugs/alcohol). This is a socio -economic problem, which is affecting our society directly and indirectly. Directly to the substance abuser who becomes a burden on the society, as he is rendered incapable to lead a productive life by the addiction and indirectly to the people around him. This problem has also a direct link to increase in the spread of HIV/STD/AIDS through injecting drug users and impaired behavior. The problem of substance addiction is rampant in our community and anti-social activities are direct fall out of this, as the substance abuser has to sustain his addiction at any cost. All this is accomplished in a loving and caring professional manner, which we feel is the hallmark of quality treatment to those who are addicted to help them recover. Holistic counselling helps continue the process offering a one-year after care program that provides a support system, with a focus on a relapse prevention plan and problem solving with regular follow ups. We give people their lives back every day. We believe that a drug-addict or alcoholic can stop using drugs/drinking and be a productive and responsible member of the society if a conducive atmosphere of recovery is made available to him.

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